Friday, November 8, 2013

Roasted Pumpking Seeds are Addicting

Everyone hail to pumpkin king!

Sure it's November and all the store displays are red, gold, and snowy, but holiday season doesn't start for me until the day after Thanksgiving. Marks and Spencer was even selling Christmas candies and advent calendars on Halloween Eve. While I wait for our turkey dinner, I'm crunching away on the roasted pumpkin seeds I made. This was my first year making them and I can't believe I wasted all those years of pumpkin seeds!

Pumpkins are harder to find in Hong Kong, but supermarkets like Jason's had a few. No pumpkin patches unfortunately. When clearing the pumpkin for carving, just have a bowl ready to put the seeds into. Rinse away the stringy pumpkin guts and let drain. I had mine sitting for quite a while as I carved my pumpkin and they ended up in the fridge, so they didn't dry. I tried the hair dryer method, but it wasn't working fast enough so I just put them on a baking tray and warmed them in the oven. I used the lowest heat on the digital oven for about 5 minutes. Less will probably work since I almost overdid it.

Take them out and start seasoning! Leave them on the tray and drizzle a little less than 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then just roll the seeds around to coat. I ended up adding a little more oil. I didn't measure the amount of spices I added. I used sea salt, ground pepper, cayenne pepper powder, and a jamaican jerk chicken seasoning mix. Mmhmmm. Bake at 170C. Since my digital oven doesn't have a preheating setting, I set the timer for more than I needed and just popped the tray in right away. Keep an eye on the oven and open to stir every few minutes. When the outer shells look a bit golden brown, test one. If it crunches through easily, it's ready!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere

Oh hey, it's almost Halloween! But since the holiday falls on a week night this year, many have already donned their costumes in the weekends previous. In Hong Kong, Halloween isn't as widely celebrated as in the States. I had to really search for candy corn and a good pumpkin to carve. I still haven't found any mellowcreme pumpkins (anyone in Hong Kong who has, please give a shout; I'll be forever grateful!).

To make up for the lack of general Halloween spirit here, I increased mine by creating not one, not two, but three costumes. I'll post them individually, but first up, we have... *drum roll* Little Town Belle!

I would consider this more of a "Disneybound" style than a true costume as all the pieces are ready made clothing. It's surprising how long it took to find a blue dress in the right style. I finally found this on sale at Topshop! The blouse is thrifted and the apron is an oversized white t-shirt, cut in half and safety pinned to a bathrobe belt. And it's a little difficult to see, but I'm wearing my beloved Magical Ribbons "Little Town Belle" bow!

I wore this to volunteer at a children's Halloween games event surrounded by many young princesses!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Made a weekend trip to Beijing a few weeks ago which was unfortunately cut short due to not-so-super-typhoon Utor. Luckily, we managed to cross off the top two on our to-do list. Spent a good part of the day just browsing (and a bit a shopping) the art district in Beijing, which is called 789 for the most well-known factory turned art gallery. Plenty of great cafes, artisan shops, and galleries to peruse. 

Can I just say that my new Celine Trio is the perfect travel purse? It keeps everything organized and fits just enough without letting me carry too much around.


Wearing: Gap t-shirt, Rag & Bone jeans, Repetto flats, Celine purse, Victor & Rolf sunnies
Photos of me taken by my mom. All others are mine.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Going Cosmic with Chanel

Found out that select Chanel beauty boutiques in Hong Kong are stocking the newest FNO collection, so I rushed over to get my hands on a bottle. The other colour is Magic, but it didn't seem unqiue enough to me. Granted Cosmic doesn't seem the most original, but black and sparkles make me happy. The glitter is a very fine and sparse silver, so you can't really see it from afar. And my choice of using it as the tips of a french manicure makes the glitter even less visible. I just wanted to try something other than an all black manicure, so please excuse my messy free hand attempt. I layered on OPI's I Juggle...Men to add a bit more glitter.

The polish applies rather opaquely with two coats, but it does get thick and a bit gooey quicker than other polishes, so it made applying french tips even more difficult. Not the perfect formula from Chanel, but I'll manage.

I also picked up the black liquid eyeliner with small silver glitter just because it has glitter. Once again the glitter is fine and sparse and barely visible, but I don't own any black liquid liners, so I thought, why not?

The SA at Chanel told me that only Hysan Place and TST are stocking the FNO collection and they are limited edition (although 2/3 from last year's collection are now permanent) so hurry over if you want them!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fashion's Night Out, Finally

 She's beckoning you to shop

A very crowded evening

Always a visual pleasure to walk around Lane Crawford

Macarons from Sift

The Bumbys

Wearing Forever 21 dress and Tammy and Benjamin purse

Woohoo! I finally got to attend a Fashion's Night Out. I followed NYC's festivities in years past via Twitter and Instagram and last year I had school commitments during SF's FNO. How happy I was to see Lane Crawford hosting the event in Hong Kong this year. Unlike in the US (not sure about other cities), FNO in Hong Kong is quite contained and small. Lane Crawford was the only major store hosting shopping deals. There was a Ciate nail design bar (didn't have any unpainted nails to test on), macarons from Sift, drinks, fruit popsicles from Lola, an Impossible Project photo booth, and The Bumbys.

I had do a little googling when I read that The Bumbys would be present. The pair pseudononymously type up a brief description of their impression of you. I found it fascinating from a sociological perspective - to want and allow someone's opinion of you. The glimmer of hope that someone approves or even flatters. I admit, I was curious to see what they would have to say; it made me think about how my clothes presented me to the world, especially at an event such as this where clothes are the medium of communication. But alas, you could only participate if you had purchased something that night from Lane Crawford.

I hope that FNO in Hong Kong expands next year as having all of Hong Kong's fashionable squishing into one space made the experience too crowded and a night out really should have enough activities to last the night, not just an hour or two.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Morning Music - Tangled Medley

Good morning! I haven't blogged in a while because I've been thinking about the what this blog really means to me and what I want it to be. I'm gathering up ideas and will be back to posting soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this wonderful piece of music performed by the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra: Disney's Tangled Medley. A cheerful and beautiful arrangement sure to liven up your morning! Xoxo

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Harbour Sunset Photos

Happy Sunday! It's currently the blandest of white-grey skies as it rains on an off. But last night, as I briefly looked up from my computer, I saw this beautiful sunset through my window. As a photographer, I can't resist a pretty sunset, but with the scramble and time limit, I couldn't capture the best photos I wanted. No worries, I'm sure there will be plenty more beautiful sunsets in the future.